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Spring Festival BSF081


This book introduces Chinese New Year - Spring Festival with its origins, the evolutions in the history, important customs, literature about the festival, modern significance of the festival, and more. In simplified characters and English.

Contents 目录

一、The Origin of the Chunjie Festival 春节的起源
二、The Evolution of the Chunjie Festival in Chinese History 春节在中国历史上的演变
三、Important Customs for the Chunjie Festival 春节传统习俗举要
1. Waving Goodbye to the Old Year 送旧年
2. Celebrating the Eve of the New Year 过大年
3. Welcoming the New Year 迎新年
4. The Rites and Customs for the Spring 新春礼俗
5. The Lantern Festival 正月十五“闹元宵”
四、The Chunjie Festival in Classical Chinese Literature 文艺作品中的春节
1. The Chunjie Festival in Ancient Poems 古代诗词中的春节
2. The Chunjie Festival in Ancient Novels 古代小说中的春节
五、Modern Significance of the Chunjie Festival 春节的现代意义
1. The Chunjie Festival as a Vital Force of National Cohesion 春节是聚合民族情感的重要力量
2. The Chunjie Festival as an Essential Spiritual Nourishment 春节是滋养民族文化精神的重要方式
3. The Chunjie Festival as an Important Cultural Heritage 春节是重要的民族文化遗产与文化资源
4. The Chunjie Festival Is Becoming a Worldwide Festival 春节正在成为世界性的节日

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters (113 pages) and English (186 pages), 8.25"x5.9"
Item: Spring Festival
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