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Children's First Festival Story Book Series BSF116


This book is a collection of eight classic festivals and their respective legends. These festivals include Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Tanabata, Ghost's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Winter Solstice
經典節日──年節、元宵、清明、端午、七夕、中元、中秋、冬至。八書八主題,一書雙故事,獻給孩子的第一套幸福節日讀本!資深兒童文學作家X圖畫書作家聯手打造.最好看的節日故事集!政治大學宗教研究所 李豐楙教授專文解說.節日的由來與民間習俗。國內首創自製,最完整豐富的第一套幸福節日讀本!匯聚國內資深兒童文學作家,汲取節日精華,以流利生動、淺顯易懂的筆法,為孩子量身打造最好看的故事集。匯聚國內優秀圖畫書作家,精心繪製插圖,兼具童趣與寫實風格,加強孩子對節俗及文化的了解。適合親子共讀,讓我們過節過得更有味!详细内容请参阅每本书的中文简介

Book Titles:
Year Monster 年獸阿儺
Lantern Girl元 宵姑娘
Mazu 妈祖林默娘
ZhongKui Hunting Ghost 钟馗捉鬼
NiuLang and Zhinv 牛郎织女的鹊桥
MuLian Rescued His Mother 目连救母
The Secret in the Mooncake 月饼里的秘密
The Monk火 头僧阿二

Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters and Zhuyin, 105 pages/book, 6.75"x8.75"
Item: Children's First Festival Story Book Series
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