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Chinese Festival BSF119


The book series includes 8 Chinese traditional festivals, including the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Qing Ming Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival. It gives a detailed introduction to the origins, processes and evolution of these Chinese traditional festivals, and revives the spectacular occasions.


Book Titles:
Mid-autumn Festival 中秋节 团团圆圆吃月饼
Lantern Festival 元宵节 一张全家福
Laba Rice Porridge Festival 腊八节 屋檐下的腊八粥
Qing Ming Festival 清明节 最好吃的青团
Spring Festival 春节 邮递员叔叔的奇遇
Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 不是方的 不是圆的
Kite 风筝 住在对岸的爸爸
Twelve Zodiac 十二生肖节 到底谁厉害

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 24 Pages/book, 10.1"X8.25"
Item: Chinese Festival
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