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Beijing's Spring Festival BSF127


Beijing’s Spring Festival is extracted from Lao She's famous essays. Painter Yu Dawu artistically restores the old Beijing under Lao She's pen with his Chinese paintings.This book recalls Chinese people's memory of spring festival, which includes the delicious food at Laba Rice Porridge Festival, the worship of the Kitchen God, the family big dinner at the New Year's Eve, the visit of temple fair on the New Year, the fun at the Lantern Festival.The busy adults and the bustling children all show their happy faces.The ancient customs retain the same today.The book also enlists the illustrations of the traditional Chinese items which are used for the customs.

By Lao She, Illustrated by Dawu Yu, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 36 pages, 11.4"x8.5"
Item: Beijing's Spring Festival
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