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Mandarin Matrix Chinese Readers Green BSG030


Primary Mandarin™ combines illustrations and real-life photography to encourage children to draw connections between the series and the world they live in, ensuring that the series will appeal to children of all ages. It includes six colors levels, Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown and Red. Green color level include 30 books in five sets, six books per set. Each book contains new vocabulary and grammar to build language skills and help children practice everyday Chinese. The series also places emphasis on the appreciation of different backgrounds and cultures, helping children to develop a global awareness in addition to insights into the Chinese culture. Spanning six levels, Primary Mandarin™ makes learning Chinese as a second language a more exciting and engaging adventure than ever. Crisp, colorful characters introduce simple grammar and useful phrases, enhance conversational competency and Chinese literacy. In the higher levels, myths and legends are retold, taking children on a journey through Chinese history, landscape, and culture. These aides can be used as part of a PYP curriculum, or integrated into the study program of a school. The versatility of these products means they can be fully-integrated into an existing curriculum or form the basis of a curriculum yet to be implemented. The full suite of Primary Mandarin™ includes Chinese Reader (Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown, Red), Big Books (Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown, Red),  FlashCards, SnapCards, Audio, Game Pack, Activity Pages, Cultural Pack, Teacher Manual, and Online Classroom.  Please review each level's description. Price is for a set of 6 or 40 books.
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Paperback, Simplified with Pinyin and English translation, 13 pages/book, 6 books/set, 8.2"x8.2"

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