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I Can Read by Myself IB-PYP Inquiry Graded Readers Level 4 BSG331


I Can Read by Myself: IBPYP Inquiry Graded Readers is designed for students who are learning Chinese as a foreign language in IBPYP schools. The series is also suitable for non-IB international schools. The full series is divided into six levels, each consisting of six books, corresponding to six transdisciplinary themes (who we are, how the world works, how we organize ourselves, where we are in place and time, sharing the planet, and how we express ourselves). The stories not only incorporate the transdisciplinary themes, but are also specifically in line with the common central idea of the unit of inquiry. Prior to the story, the children's curiosity will be aroused by the preset questions. Meanwhile, the inquiry clues and teacher's questions are brought in for the first stage of the inquiry cycle: stimulation or tuning in.


Book Titles:
Our Mother Earth 地球妈妈
The World in Black White and Grey 黑白灰的世界
I Will Not Eat anything I've Never Seen Before 我绝对不吃没见过的东西
Amy Walking on the Road 
Home in My Eyes 我眼中的家
The Turtle Mother's Troubles 海龟妈妈的烦恼

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 44 pages/book, 8.1"x7.9"
Item: I Can Read by Myself IB-PYP Inquiry Graded Readers Level 4
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