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Children's Picture Book Series BSK007


This series written by Michael Padilla is designed to teach children about the vast and mysterious outside world through eight interesting and unusual animal stories. Readers will become aware of the richness and beauty of the world through many adventures, allowing them to explore their own potential and to experience facing the world independentlyc but with enthusiasm and courage.


Book Titles:
Bee's Beautiful World 小蜜蜂的美丽新世界
I am the Best 其实我很棒
Little Tadpole 小蝌蚪成长记
I am Lost 我被弄丢了
Cover Your Mouth 快捂住嘴巴
Mysterious Friend 神秘的伙伴
Good Friend 好朋友
Sail The Ocean 让我们扬帆远航

By George, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 32 Pages/Book, 7.02"x7.95"

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Item: Children's Picture Book Series
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