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First Lesson on Life-Philosophy Book For Kids (7 Books) BSK023


Where does money come from, and where does it go? What does friendship mean? What is righteousness? Parents often find it difficult to explain these kinds of concepts... These books will help develop a child's understanding and usability of major philosophical ideals. Help kids overcome growing pains through gaining humanity.

钱从哪里来?有钱就能幸福吗?人死之后会到哪里去?我们看到的、听到的都是真实的吗?孩子一天一天长大,对于生活的疑问一天一天增加。许多爸爸妈妈们都被这些问题难倒。怎样才能解答孩子心中的疑惑呢?跟《人生第一课 写给孩子的哲学书》谈谈吧,它也许不会提供某个特定的标准答案,但它能提供解决这些问题的所有方法的可能性,启迪孩子思考、让孩子获取哲学的智慧,解决成长的烦恼,做内心强大的自己,更好地与他人、与社会相处。本套书,从不同的角度,与孩子平等地对话,探讨朋友、钱、和平、真实、死亡等话题,解决成长的烦恼,做内心强大的自己,让孩子学会结交朋友、独立思考、正确理财、解决问题、珍惜生命。本套书另附《世界上最棒的思考力》讨论及珍藏手册。

Book Series:
What is a Friend? 朋友是什么?
What is Money? 钱是什么?
What is Truth? 真实是什么?
What is Right? 正确是什么?
What is Death? 死亡是什么?
What is Peace? 和平是什么?
What is Humor? 幽默是什么?

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 40 pages/book, 9"x6.75"
Item: First Lesson on Life-Philosophy Book For Kids (7 Books)
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