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Rainbow Flower Library BSK025


From a "boy with a hole in his belly" to techniques of falling asleep, this series teaches kids wonderful life lessons through wacky characters and settings. Colorful imagery and witty language allow kids' imaginations to flourish.


Book Titles:
Qiuqiu the Fat Bird 胖鸟球球
Fear 怕
Small Dragon Finds a Job 小火龙找工作
Margaret 玛格丽特
Tess's Wonderful Trip 苔丝的奇妙旅行
A Princess Imperfections 公主不完美
Jules's Lines 朱尔的线
A Boy with a Hole 长着空洞的男孩
Adeline's Necklace 阿德琳的项链
Life Line 生命的线
Hypnotized Sheep 催眠绵羊
Blue Spirals 蓝色螺线
My Mother is a Witch 我的妈妈是女巫
Night Fairy 夜仙子
Eskimo's Sleep 爱斯基摩的睡眠
Naughty listening to stories 淘气包听故事
Dad Has a Dream 爸爸梦想家
All Have a Heart 一切有心
Fly, Dandelion 飞吧,蒲公英
Birthday 生日
Fly High 我要高飞

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24-36 pages/book, 11.2"x8.25"
Item: Rainbow Flower Library
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