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Curious Jules BSK033


Jules is a very popular children's book character in Belgium. He has been well-known in every Belgian family, and also families from different cultures around the world. He is very optimistic, healthy, and lovely. Reading his stories, you will see Jules sitting with his Mum on the bench, talking about the truth of love. You will see him asking about his Grandma who has already passed away. You will also see him discovering the truths of life, including animals and plants. Jules is just curious as every kid is. He will become your good friend and grow up with you together. Please click here for more details

为什么Jules具有这样的魔力? 当我打开朱乐的故事,暖暖的阳光洒满心间。 我看到,朱乐和妈妈肩并肩、头碰头坐在公园的长椅上,妈妈说:爱,就是有人在心里装着你,还会用行动来告诉你,他有多么喜欢你…… 当我看到,朱乐想知道外婆的事情,外公告诉他:你的外婆,是个很特别的人;你这个小家伙,越来越像她……

Book Titles
Monday - What is Love? (Curiosity of Love) 星期一 什么是爱(爱的好奇)
Tuesday - What Does My Grandma Look Like? (Curiosity of Yearning) 星期二 外婆什么样(思念的好奇)
Wednesday - Where is the Duck (Curiosity of Childishness) 星期三 鸭子去哪里了(童心的好奇)
Thursday - Jules Finds Mum (Seek for Security) 星期四 朱乐找妈妈(安全感的寻找)
Friday - Jules is Waiting (Wait for Friendship) 星期五 朱乐在等待(友谊的等待)
Saturday - When Does It Bloom? (Curiosity of Life) 星期六 花儿几时开(生命的好奇)
Sunday - What Are There in the Zoo (Mysterious Similarity) 星期日 动物园里有什么(奇妙的相似)

By Annemie Berebrouckx, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 22 pages/book, 10.65"x8.25"
Item: Curious Jules
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