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The Best Me I Can Be (15 Books) BSK043


Engaging stories that help teach children to be the best person they can be! Boxed set includes: I Accept You As You Are!, I Am Generous!, I Am Responsible!, I Can Cooperate!, I Show Respect!, I Tell the Truth!, I'm a Good Friend!, I'm in Charge of Me. Please click here for each title description.


Book Titles:
I'm in Charge of Me! 我很大方
I Show Respect! 我尊重别人
I Am Positive! 我很乐观
I Am Generous! 我愿意分享
I Tell The Truth! 我很诚实
I Have Manners! 我懂礼貌
I Care About Others! 我关心别人
I Accept You As You Are! 我懂得包容
I Can Listen! 我愿意倾听
I Can Try New Things! 我愿意尝试
I Am Creative! 我有创造力
I Am A Leader! 我有领导力
I Am Responsible! 我有责任心
I'm a Good Friend! 我是个很棒的朋友
I Have Self-Control! 我有自制力

By David Parker, Illustrated By Sylvia Walker, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 14 pages/book, 7"x8.25"

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