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I Grew Up Social Emotion Readers (7 Books) BSK044


Why do people want big job? There are a variety of work in the world. For example: growing vegetables. fruit. producing all kinds of things. sell things. traffic management. teach students. playing. singing ...... really endless. Why do you want to work? Adults said that the work can make money. work pleasant. And Bao Lan together to experience a variety of books to work. the way to think about what they want in the future. Ice cream is from where wanted an interesting travel? Creamy and sweet and sour strawberry ice cream. packed in a transparent glass bowl. it looked very delicious! You know what? Ice cream. strawberries. bowl and other our lives most of the things needed are a blend of many people's hard work. it came to our hands. We take a look at ice cream. straw...


Book Titles
Who am I 我是谁
I'm Going to School 我去上学了
Internet is Magic 网络好神奇
Why Do People Work? 人们为什么要工作呢?
Learn How to Spend Money with Grandpa 跟爷爷学花钱
Can I Do Anything 我干什么都可以吗?
Where Does Ice Cream Come From 冰激凌是从哪儿来的

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 35 pages/book, 8.25"x5.75"
Item: I Grew Up Social Emotion Readers (7 Books)
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