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Little Ya Qi (10 Books) BSK046


Zheng Yuanjie is a young man that does it all; in the series we go through all of the different experiences he has ever had: working, studying, or making something with his friends. He goes on many adventures and does many different kinds of things, sometimes he is working and other times he is going out to play. During the series, we notice how Zheng Yuanjie treats the people that he meets. He is very kind and humble, and respects moral codes of conduct. He is a role model, but he also knows how to have fun.


Book Titles:
Sunshine Kindergarten 阳光幼儿园
Season Slide 四季滑梯
Ya Qi is Lost 亚旗迷路
Ya Qi Drives a Car 亚旗开汽车
Ya Qi Meets Danger 亚旗遇险
Ya Qi Asks for Help 亚旗求助
Ya Qi the Engineer 亚旗工程师
Ya Qi's Restaurant亚旗饭店
Ya Qi's Movie Theatre 亚旗电影院
Ya Qi the Manager 亚旗经理

By Yuanjie Zheng, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24 pages/book, 7.25"x6.75"
Item: Little Ya Qi (10 Books)
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