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Little Monkey Qiqi Series BSK064


This little monkey has a very exciting life, and he will make storytime the greatest. Posing the thoughts of any mature adult, whether to tell the truth or lose their temper, the monkey has embraced human life and celebrates it with all of his friends. He interacts with his friends and families using proper manners and phrases in the Chinese language, making it an excellent educational tool for young readers. Children build social skills and learn complex phrases.

《小猴子奇奇快樂成長記》全套 4 冊,是一套兒童成長繪本,針對孩子成長過程中容易遭遇的各種問題, 以幽默有趣的語言,講述小猴子奇奇的日常生活經驗,使孩子在閱讀有趣的故事中,學懂尊重別人、情緒管理、 誠實認錯和助人為樂。

Book Titles:
Arms Are for Hugs 手臂是用來擁抱的
I Can Not Lose My Temper 我可以不發脾氣
I Should Tell the Truth 我要說真話
The Most Delicious Birthday Cake 最好吃的生日蛋糕

Paperback, Traditional Chinese Characters, 24 pages/book, 8.86"x9.06"
Item: Little Monkey Qiqi Series
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