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Behavior Matters! Positive Education Story Series (10 Books) BSK080




Book Titles:
Croc Needs to Wait (A Book About Patience) 鱷魚卡卡,請你別着急! 
Cheetah Learns to Play (A Book About Being a Good Sport) 豹子達達,請一起合作!
Hippo Owns Up (A Book About Telling the Truth) 河馬胖胖,請說誠實話!
Monkey Needs to Listen (A Book About Paying Attention) 猴子奇奇,請你細心聽!
Tiger Has a Tantrum (A Book About Feeling Angry) 老虎哈哈,請別發脾氣! 
Elephant Learns to Share (A Book About Sharing) 大象波波,請一起分享!
Giraffe is Left Out (A Book About Feeling Bullied) 長頸鹿高高,請別欺凌別人!
Lion's In a Flap (A Book About Feeling Worried) 獅子安安,請不要憂慮!
Turtle Comes Out of Her Shell (A Book About Feeling Shy) 烏龜娜娜,請鼓起勇氣!
Rhino Learns to the Polite (A Book About Good Manners) 犀牛魯魯,請保持有禮!

By Sue Graves, Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 25 pages/book, 8.25x6.75
Item: Behavior Matters! Positive Education Story Series (10 Books)
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