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I Really Want BSK105


I Really Want to Win Our heroine is determined that she’s going to win all the events at school sports day. The problem is that winning isn’t as easy as it looks. She doesn’t win the running race or the tug of war – and she can’t even win a game of hide-and-seek. But maybe winning isn’t really the point?
I Really Want to Shout We all get angry once in a while, but it can be hard to know what to do when we feel this way. The determined heroine of I Really wants the Cake is back with a new conundrum. What should she do when she REALLY wants to shout?
I Really Want the Cake How on earth do you resist the most amazing cake ever?  Especially when your mum has left a note saying that you MUST NOT eat the cake?  One little girl is about to find out just how hard it can be.
I Really Want to Share Everyone knows sharing is difficult, but a new sibling can be a particularly tricky challenge for lots of children. This story is a brilliantly funny take on growing families and introducing new siblings. The determined heroine of I Really Want to Share faces this conundrum – with mixed results!
《我真的很想大喊大叫》有时候我觉得自己很难忍住不发火!我刚出去玩,就要开饭了;我想吃布丁,却得先吃完蔬菜;我想晚点睡,爸爸妈妈却不乐意……接二连三的烦心事令我怒气冲天,让我总想要大喊大叫! 在朋友和爸爸妈妈的帮助下,我认识了藏在自己身体里的“愤怒”。我懂得了:生气很正常,我可以接受自己的情绪。同时,我也学会了很多让自己平静下来的方法。

Book Titles:
I Really Want to Win 我想赢,也不怕输
I Really Want to Shout 我真的很想大喊大叫
I Really Want the Cake 糟糕,又要被批评了
I Really Want to Share  不分享行不行?

By Simon Philip, Illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters,35 pages/book, 10"x8.6"
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