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Shape Concept (4 Books) BSM092


Circles Wheels, clocks and coins. Balls and buttons. Circles are everywhere, and one of the basic geometric shapes. In a book bursting with color and cheer, students can learn the fundamental properties of circles. Terms such as sector, chord and arc are clearly defined. Hands-on activities demonstrate how to find the radium, diameter, and area of a circle. With this handy and lively guide kids can avoid spinning their wheels and get on the road to becoming geometry pros.

Triangles Formed of three sides and three angles, triangles are everywhere—especially on the pages of this book, where two kids and their robot friend assemble a brand-new bot from different types and sizes of triangles.  This title defines important geometry vocabulary in simple, accessible terms, reinforcing the text with illustrations of the different types of and relationships between triangles. Activities on identifying, measuring, and comparing angles help readers understand these important ideas. 

Shape Up!: Fun With Triangles and Other Polygons Draw three dots on a piece of paper. Or maybe-- draw three dots on a slice of cheese.  What happens when you connect the dots? With bright, colorful illustrations and a simple, funny text, Shape Up! introduces triangles, quadrangles, and other polygons to young readers, encouraging them to play along, and learn everything there is to know about shapes.  Explaining basic geometric concepts and offering definitions for important vocabulary, this introduction to shapes, lines, and angles is to good to miss-- even if the jokes can be a little . . . cheesy. 

Perimeter, Area, and Volume: A Monster Book of Dimensions Trusted math picture book duo David A. Adler and Ed Miller tackle the differences between two- and three-dimensional objects in their signature bright and kid-friendly way. Explaining length, width, and height-- and all the different ways we represent those figures-- Adler shows how changing the dimensions of an object affects its size. . . . with some help from a cast of funny, friendly movie monsters.




3三角形和多边形动手制作多边形,可以消除对数学的恐惧,并体会到学习的乐趣!在一张纸上画三个点,或者在一块奶酪上画三个点,当您连接三个点时会发生什么? 借助明亮、色彩丰富的插图和简单有趣的文字,《三角形和多边形》向年轻读者介绍三角形、四边形和其他多边形。鼓励他们一起玩,并学习关于形状的所有知识。


Book Titles
Circles 圆
Triangles  三角形
Shape Up!: Fun With Triangles and Other Polygons 三角形和多边形
Perimeter, Area, and Volume: A Monster Book of Dimensions  周长、面积和体积

By David A. Adler, Illustrated by Edward Miller, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 31-32 Pages/book, 10.1"x8.3"
Item: Shape Concept (4 Books)
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