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Peppa Pig (10 Books) BSO100


Piggy Page is a very cute little pink pig. she and her brother George. my father. my mother lived together happily. Piggy Page favorite thing to do is play games. dress up. vacation. and live happily in a small mud and jumping up and down! Apart from these. she also likes adventure everywhere. although sometimes encounter Some small state. but the total can be saved the day. and will bring you surprise Contents.


Book Titles:
Dentist Trip 看牙医
Protect Enviornment 快乐环保
First Day of The School 乔治第一天上幼儿园
Road in the Forsest 森林小路
Goes to Camping 露营去
Peppa Goes Swimming 去游泳
Playing Soccer 踢足球
School Bus Travel 校车旅行
Amusement Park 游乐场
Sports Day 运动日

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 32 pages/book, 8x8"
Item: Peppa Pig (10 Books)
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