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Ancient Poems (Book +CD) BSR015


Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English. What a great way to learn Chinese poetry! Now you and your child can enjoy and learn many classic and ancient poems in English and Chinese with these beautiful book and CD sets. Written by famous poets from the Han, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing, and other dynasties, including Lu You, Ou Yang Xiu, Wang An Shi, Si Ma Guang, Su Shi, Li Qing Zhao, Liu Bang, Qi Ji Guang, and more! Illustrated with traditional paintings, each Tang poem is presented in its original format, its modern translation, and in English. (Written in traditional characters, Zhuyin, and English.) Your child can also listen, learn and repeat the Tang poems with the accompanying CD. Each poem is explained with background information and a story, as well as read in Mandarin Chinese with both adult and children performers. Each set includes 24 poems, presented in one picture book and one CD. Price is for a set.


Hardcover, English, Traditional Chinese Characters and Zhuyin, 27 Pages ea.,10'' x 10'', CD: 24 Tracks ea.
Item: Ancient Poems (Book +CD)
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