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Call to Arms BSS015


Bilingual in English and Chinese. Living during a time of dramatic change in China, Lu Xun had a career that was as varied as his writing. As a young man he studied medicine in Japan but left it for the life of an activist intellectual, eventually returning to China to teach. Though he supported the aims of the Communist revolution, he did not become a member of the party nor did he live to see the Communists take control of China. Ambitious to reach a large Chinese audience, Lu Xun wrote his first published story, "A Madman's Diary," in the vernacular, a pioneering move in Chinese literature at the time. This collection of fourteen stories shows the variety of his style and subjects throughout his career and is considered a modern Chinese classic. You will not only enjoy these stories, but will also learn about Chinese people and their daily life in the early 20th century. While reading in English, you can also learn more Chinese by studying the characters on the opposing pages!


By Lu Xun, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character & English, 283 pages, 9.4x6.7"
Item: Call to Arms
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