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The Blue House BSS036


Cheng Naishan captivates her readers with stories about the lives of the Shanghai capitalists who have weathered thirty years of dynamic political changes, as well as the lives and thinking of their children. The Blue House is one such story describing the turmoils going through Gu ChuanHui's mind when he learns that his grandfather is Gu Fuxiang, the former steel giant in Shanhia who owned the Blue House. The Poor Street tells how a young teacher tries hard to overcome her timidity and help the people living in a former poor street who, although well-off materially now, remain poor culturally. Through the depiction of family life and romance, Cheng Naishan skilfully brings out the life and paradoxes of Shanghai, China's largest metropolis.

By Chen Naishan, Paperback, English, 313 pages, 5.5" x 8.25"
Item: The Blue House
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