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Abridged Chinese Classic Series BSS051


This abridged version of the well known Chinese trilogy "The Torrents: Family, Spring, Autumn" is the masterpiece of Ba Jin, one of the great writers of modern Chinese literature. The trilogy recounts the decline of a large feudal family following the May fourth movement of 1919. The Gao family, a stronghold of feudal ethics, is shaken by an awakening new generation. This abridged version can be read by elementary level students of Chinese with a 2,000 word vocabulary or can be used as an aid to reading the original. Each chapter is followed by a list of words and notes both in Chinese and English. An MP3 is included. Price is for each book.

By Ba Jin, Paperback, Simplified Chinese, Pinyin & English, Family:149 Pages, Spring:141 Pages, Autumn:196 Pages, 8.25" x 5.75", 1 MP3 Audio CD
Item: Abridged Chinese Classic Series
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