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How Far Is Forever - And More Stories By Women Writers BSS055


Readers from all over the world, who are used to learning about China through foreign newspapers, TV and the Internet, may now open up these books to see China through the heartfelt thoughts and writings of Chinese people themselves. The many Chinese women authors of these new short stories, are living in a rapidly developing and changing, yet ancient nation. They have striven to describe all that is happening in and around themselves, in order to give genuine dynamic expression to the intricate recent experiences of the Chinese people. Through the power of their words, you will be able to catch glimpses of the real, complex world of life in China for women.

How Far Is Forever is excerpted from the novella and short-story portion of the 21st Century Chinese Literature series, which features stories by women writers. It includes 11 stories selected from 20 alternative pieces.  It is like a mirror, reflecting changes in the women characters' lives. It boasts exquisite and moderate language, which is the style of Chinese women writers.

The "Soul" in Her Body byHe Xiangyang
How Far Is Forever by Tie Ning
Maiden Days in the Boudoir by Wang Anyi
A Rose in FuLl Bloom Overnight by Chi Li
Big Lao Zheng's Woman by Wei Wei
The Kitchen by Xu Kun
Sowing by Sun Huifen
Weeping Forsythia by Ge Shuiping
Perfect Journeys by Jiang Yun
Ending Where I Started by Fang Fang
Forever Autumn by Pan Xiangli
The Surgery by Sheng Keyi
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Paperback, English, 456 Pages, 9.05" x 5.9"
Item: How Far Is Forever - And More Stories By Women Writers
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