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Plum Raindrops - And More Stories About Youth BSS056


Various status, and living in different times and enviroments,the characters have some common features in their youthful years. People are always full of idealism and unlimited imagination when they are young, however the course of growing up is filled with cruelty (see Ah Yao, Plum Raindrops, Strike!Strike the Iron, and The Corpse on the River Flats), they will go through unique emotional experiences (see I'm in Pain!, The Shattered Pane, and Enjoying the Cool at the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum), and missed youthful years will be deeply engraved upon their minds (see Lighters, Ji Nuo's Vaulting Horse, The Woman Beneath the Grapevine, and Naked Summer). Its style is variable, with quick and powerful, moderate and exquisite, realistic and objective, as well as dramatic language.
Plum Raindrops is from the novella and short-story part of the 21st Century Chinese Literature series, focusing stories about youth. These 11 stories were included in the lists of top novels in different years, winning many prizes. Except one who was born in the 1960s, other authors were all born in the 1970s and 1980s, three of which belong to the 1980s Generation. The new-genearation authors have a more vivid view of the theme of youth, therefore their works are more popular.

Bittersweet Hues of Youth by Xie Yousbun
Naked Summer by Wu Xuan
Ah Yao by Ba Qiao
Lighter by Qiao Ye 
Strikel Strike the Iron by Ma Xiaoquan
The Corpse on the River Flats by Li Sbasba
Ji Nou's Vaulting Horse by Zhang Yueran
Plum Raindrops by Xu Zecben
Enjoying the Cool at the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum by Wei Wei 
The Woman Beneath the Grapevine by Yan Ge
The Shattered Pane by Li Hao
I'm in Pain! by Chen Xiwo
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Paperback, English, 436 Pages, 9.05" x 5.9"
Item: Plum Raindrops - And More Stories About Youth
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