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Zodiac Story Picture Book (12 Books) BST317


There are twelve zodiacs in Chinese traditions, but did you know they each have a story behind them? Each book in Zodiac Story Picture Book describes a different zodiac and gives full depth as well as clarity about the kind of zodiac that is, and why they have gained the reputation that they have.You would get to know the reason why each zodiac is placed in the order they are. These stories are thousands of years old, making it a relic of the past. In this modern rendition it has become popular once again.


Book Titles:
Rat 鼠
Ox 牛
Tiger 虎
Rabbit 兔
Dragon 龙
Snake 蛇
Horse 马
Sheep 羊
Monkey 猴
Rooster 鸡
Dog 狗

Paperback, Simplified Chinese character and Pinyin, 19 pages/book, 8.3"x 6.75"
Item: Zodiac Story Picture Book (12 Books)
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