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Friends BSW1040


From the creator of the all-time classic VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR comes a sweetly resonant story about the power of friendship. When a best friend moves away, it can be painful for the child who is left behind. But the spunky boy in this upbeat story makes up his mind to find his missing playmate. Young readers will cheer on the boy as he braves currents, climbs mountains, and dashes through rain before, finally, reuniting with his friend. A story alive with love and perseverance, brightened with vibrant art and Eric Carle's trademark fostering of imagination. This deeply personal story for Eric is dedicated to his longtime wife, Bobbie, and it is their bond that inspired the book. For anyone who has ever scaled mountains to be with the one he loves, or for anyone who has simply known the love and joy of a great friendship, this book will strike a resonant chord.

这本书让每个人都想起自己的好朋友,总是一起玩、一起分享秘密,当朋友不在身边,就觉得好想见面!《艾瑞•卡尔 好朋友》带读者看到友情中最纯真、最美好的幸福画面。这个温情的故事,传递了友谊的美好——经过重重岁月,好朋友仍然彼此牵挂。

By Eric Carle, Hardcover, Simplified or Traditional Chinese Characters, 24 pages, 12.25"x9.25"

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