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Ada Twist, Scientist BSW1053


Like her classmates, builder Iggy and inventor Rosie, scientist Ada, a character of color, has a boundless imagination and has always been hopelessly curious. Why are there pointy things stuck to a rose? Why are there hairs growing inside your nose? When her house fills with a horrific, toe-curling smell, Ada knows it's up to her to find the source. What would you do with a problem like this? Not afraid of failure, Ada embarks on a fact-finding mission and conducts scientific experiments, all in the name of discovery. But, this time, her experiments lead to even more stink and get her into trouble! Inspired by real-life makers such as Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie, Ada Twist, Scientist champions girl power and women scientists, and brings welcome diversity to picture books about girls in science. Touching on themes of never giving up and problem solving, Ada comes to learn that her questions might not always lead to answers, but rather to more questions. She may never find the source of the stink, but with a supportive family and the space to figure it out, she'll be able to feed her curiosity in the ways a young scientist should. Iggy Peck and Rosie Revere have earned their places among the most beloved children's characters, and they have inspired countless kids and adults to follow their dreams and passions. Now in her own charming and witty picture book, determined Ada Twist, with her boundless curiosity for science and love of the question 'Why?,' is destined to join these two favorites.

阿达直到三岁才开口说话,可她说的*句话竟然是“为什么”。为什么玫瑰的茎上有尖尖的刺?为什么爸爸的鼻孔里有长长的毛?臭味的源头在哪里?她的问题不是总能得到答案,甚至会引出更多的问题。爸爸妈妈要拿这个麻烦的好奇小孩怎么办呢? 爱因斯坦说:“我没有特别的天才,只有强烈的好奇心。永远保持好奇心的人才能永远进步。”每个人都曾经是喜欢问为什么的阿达,然而长大后只是少数人好奇心没有磨损。阿达的故事在鼓励孩子坚持自己真正热爱的事情,不怕失败、勇于尝试的同时,也提醒大人尊重每个孩子独有的成长步伐,给他们自由思考和探索的空间,也许这会带来混乱和不便,但你所做的是在支持孩子成为一个聪明而富有创造力的人。

By Andrea Beaty and David Roberts, Hardcover, Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters, 30 pages, 11.25"x 9.25"
Item: Ada Twist, Scientist
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