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Grow up, David! BSW1161


Little-brother antics have never been so endearing -- or true to life! David Shannon's beloved character in his bestselling book No, David! captures the attention and hearts of young children as few characters can. Readers relish David's exuberance, defiance, and wildly energetic curiosity, and when there's trouble, you can bet "David did it!" Now he's taunting his older brother by eating his Halloween candy, making a bathroom mess, and following him up the tree house. "You're too little!" won't stop David's tricks in this all-time "read it again" favorite. 

大卫的哥哥总是说: “大卫,你太小了”,打球或玩游戏的时候总是不带着他,可是大卫还是喜欢缠着哥哥,干一些调皮捣蛋的事情,真是又好气又好笑。虽然哥儿俩有时候也会打打闹闹,可是无论大卫长到多大,哥哥会一直很爱他。

By David Shannon, Hardcover, Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters, 32 pages, 11"x8.5"
Item: Grow up, David!
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