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Little Frida: A Story of Frida Kahlo BSW1254


Following a bout with polio at the age of six, Frida Kahlo’s life was marked by pain and loneliness. In real life she walked with a limp, but in her dreams she flew. One day her imagination took her on a journey to a girl in white who could dance without pain and hold her secrets, an indelible figure who would find her way into Frida’s art in years to come. Inspired by Frida Kahlo’s diary, Anthony Browne captures the essence of the artist’s early flights of fancy and depicts both Frida and her imaginary friend in vivid illustrations evoking Kahlo’s iconic style. A note at the end offers a brief biography of the artist who has intrigued art lovers the world over.


By Anthony Browne, Hardcover, Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters with Zhuyin, 24 pages, 12.1x10.45
Item: Little Frida: A Story of Frida Kahlo
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