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School's First Day of School BSW1273


Douglas National Primary School is a newly-built school. During the summer vacation, a worker came to clean it. The school thought he and his co-workers were the only ones here, but the co-workers told him that when the school starts, there will be children everywhere. The school was a little worried, he was not sure if he would like children. In the midst of anxiety, the school ushered in the first day of school. On this day, many children came and many things happened. One of the boys said that he hated school, and the little girl with freckles also said that she didn't like school, which made the school feel sad ...

The author Rex personified the "school" in a novel way, showing the chaos and mood of children going to school on the first day from a school perspective. The school in the story is like a child. In the face of the "unknown" of new things and new environments, he is nervous and curious. He not only cares about other people's views, but also makes impulsive and reckless actions. Rex ustilize School's perspective to depict the children's various activities and behaviors on campus, so that the children can resonate and get rid of anxiety.


By Adam Rex, Illustrated by Christian Robinson, Hardcover, Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters with Zhuyin, 38 pages, 11.5x9.25" or 10.85"x8.65"

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