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The Rock from the Sky BSW1379


There is a spot.
It is a good spot.
It is the perfect spot to stand.
There is no reason to ever leave.
But somewhere above there is also a rock.
A rock from the sky.
Here comes The Rock from the Sky, a hilarious meditation on the workings of friendship, fate, shared futuristic visions, and that funny feeling you get that there’s something off somewhere, but you just can’t put your finger on it. Merging broad visual suspense with wry wit, celebrated picture book creator Jon Klassen gives us a wholly original comedy for the ages.

凯迪克金奖和凯特·格林纳威大奖双料得主乔恩·克拉森重磅新作 一块巨石引发的五个悬念故事 带领孩子进入未知的想象空间……

By Jon Klassen, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 96 pages, 10.56"x8.13"
Item: The Rock from the Sky
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