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Peter's Chair BSW163


Peter is well aware that there is a new baby in the house. His mother shushes him when he makes his tower of blocks fall. And he's also well aware that the new baby's a girl. For everything that used to be Peter's has been painted pink! His old cradle is pink, his old crib is pink, and he discovers his father is in the middle of covering his old blue high chair in pink paint.

爸爸想把彼得小时候用的高脚椅漆成粉红色,好让妹妹使用;彼得看到连小时候的婴儿床也变成粉红色的,再加上玩积木时被妈妈说要安静点、别吵到小妹妹时,彼得忍不住了。他没有哭闹,而是对狗狗威利说:“我们离家出走!”    故事很简单,好像就发生在自己身上——如果我有妹妹的话。但是画面的元素如此新鲜,好像我第一次看《情人》时想,原来小说可以这样写的!这本书让我想,原来图画书可以这样画的!

By Ezra Jack Keats, Hardcover, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters with Zhuyin, 32 pages, 8.25"x9.25"
Item: Peter's Chair
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