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Dreams BSW467


Spier has a penchant for taking the ordinary and pursuing it in such a way as to make the event intimately meaningful. Here he explores the art of cloud watching. From the nebulous cloud forms on one spread spring forth the diaphonous shapes of animals, ships, trains, and knights in shining armour on the next. A boy, a girl, and two dogs frolic in the lush greenness of the countryside as this magnificent procession emanates and vaporizes in the boundless blue. Wordless until the closing (". . .and the next time you gaze at the sky: dream dreams!"), the book offers the same message through the visuals. In addition to its strong imaginative quality as seen in the use of flying birds for animal eyes, sunlight for dragon fire, and jet streams for the lances of the knights, humor is also an integral part, as when the children imagine two monsters chasing them home on the final endpapers. Children and adults alike will revel in the warmth of an unstructured day filled with an artist's wonder of nature and imagination, yet be nudged ever so slightly by the author to his own sense of discovery and dreaming that allows no room for boredom or disinterest.


By Peter Spier, Simplified Chinese Characters, Hardcover, 28 pages, 8.75"x11.25"
Item: Dreams
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