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Good Dog, Aggie (12 Books) BSW507


This early chapter book about a disobedient dog has plenty of humor and charm. Ben experiences a ton of trouble with his feisty friend, Aggie. While her antics are not particularly original, they will capture the interest of young readers, especially dog lovers. After the canine is dismissed from obedience school, the boy embarks on a training program of his own, determined to teach his pet to sit and stay. But Aggie chases a squirrel and a cat, and she goes wild in a hat store when she interprets her own image in a three-way mirror as three other dogs. Blind Mr. Thomas understands Aggie and advises patience. The quirky cartoon illustrations are delightful.


Book Titles:
1. The Surprise 1爸爸的礼物
2. Just Like Aggie 2像阿吉一样
3. The Scary Thing 3恐怖之夜
4. Aggie at School 4阿吉上学去
5. Aggie in Trainning 5给阿吉上训练课
6. A BAD Dog 6坏狗狗
7. The Bad Day 7糟糕的一天
8. The Awful Night 8今晚真难熬
9. Found 9找到了
10. A Visit to the West 10阿吉住院了
11. The Long Day 11漫长的一天
12. Get Well Soon 12越来越好

By Ries Lori, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 24 pages/Book, 9.5"X6.75"
Item: Good Dog, Aggie (12 Books)
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