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Mooncake BSW544


Blast to the moon and back with best friends Moonbear and Little Bird in this charming reissue of a beloved classic by award-winning author and illustrator Frank Asch. One night while watching the moon, Moonbear turns to Little Bird and asks, “I wonder what“ the moon tastes like?” The ever-curious Moonbear begins a quest that ends up taking him all the way to the moon and back again. Bear builds a rocket to take him to the moon so he can taste it.

法兰克•艾许笔下的月亮小熊,长得圆头圆脑,憨态可掬,他有一个充满幻想的圆脑袋,以及一颗善良的心,他最喜欢和月亮一起玩,所以大家叫他“月亮小熊”。“月亮小熊”诞生30余年,已成为倍受全世界孩子喜爱的图画书主角。 这是继《月亮,生日快乐》之后,法兰克•艾许又一本脍炙人口的“月亮小熊”故事:小熊造了一架火箭,想要乘着火箭到月亮上去,好尝一尝月亮的滋味。不过,建造火箭的工程一直拖到了深秋,小熊要冬眠了!小熊在风声中醒来,他从来没有在冬天醒来过,所以外面的景色让他以为他真的到了月亮上……

by Frank Asch, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 30 pages, 8.2"X8.2"
Item: Mooncake
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