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The Westing Game BSY109


This title was awarded the Newbery Medal in 1979. Sixteen individuals who are mysteriously chosen to live in the Sunset Tower apartment building on the shore of Lake Michigan come together to hear the will of the self-made millionaire, Sam Westing. The will takes the form of a puzzle, dividing the sixteen "heirs" into eight pairs, giving each pair a different set of clues, and challenging the heirs to solve the mystery of which of them killed Sam Westing. As an incentive, each heir is given $10,000 to play the game. Whoever solves the mystery will inherit Sam Westing's 200 million dollar fortune.

本书荣获1979年纽伯瑞儿童文学奖金奖。这是一个不同寻常的游戏故事——一份两亿美元的遗产,一桩离奇的谋杀案。在威斯汀的十六个继承人当中,最终只有一个人能够继承他那笔巨额遗产。由于案情的诡异,要找到其中的破案线索并发现真正的凶手可不是一件容易的事。 分析书中的角色以及他们之间的关系,顺着威斯汀留下的线索,才有可能侦破此案。 一定要头脑清醒,并保持高度警惕,千万别掉进威斯汀设下的陷阱!

By Ellen Raskin, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 274 pages, 7.9"x5.8"
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