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The World's Worst Children Series BSY667


The World's Worst Children. From Dribbling Drew – a boy whose drool gets him into terrible trouble – to Sofia Sofa – a TV super-fan so stuck to the sofa that she’s turning into one! – the uproariously funny cast of characters will delight David Walliams’ readers.

A wickedly funny and wonderfully surreal collection of ten stories about ten delightfully dreadful children, The World’s Worst Children is David Walliams’ unique take on the classic cautionary tale. Please click here for a description of each title.

这是一套令人捧腹的书,世界上ZUI糟糕的孩子聚集于此 —贪吃鬼、作弊王、吓人精、游戏迷……他们的所作所为令家长和老师们极度抓狂,头疼不已。看着大人们生气的样子,他们会开心地在床上打滚,得意忘形,可他们很快就尝到了自己种下的恶果!你以为这些故事只是为了搞笑吗?是的!可神奇的是,读完这些糟糕孩子的故事,你会变成一个好孩子!这是作者的*作品,故事天马行空,极尽夸张,充满幽默和童趣,带给读者酣畅淋漓的阅读体验。这些糟糕的孩子的故事,如同一面镜子,让现实中的孩子巧妙地认识自己,疏解内心压力。正如英国《每日邮报》所说:大卫以放纵的幽默感,将儿童*爱的趣味故事和家长看重的教育意义完美地结合起来,带来一场令人愉悦的阅读之旅。请点击查看分册介绍.

Book Titles:
Super Villain 指挥虱子大军的超级坏蛋
Couch Potato 屁股上长沙发的电视迷
Devouring Everything 吞掉一切的贪吃鬼
World Champion with Rocket Boots 穿火箭靴的世界冠军

By David Walliams, Illustrated by Tony Ross, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 120-143 pages/book, 7.9x5.9"
Item: The World's Worst Children Series
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