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The Courage of Sarah Noble  In 1707, young Sarah Noble and her father traveled through the wilderness to build a new home for their family. “Keep up your courage, Sarah Noble,” her mother had said, but Sarah found that it was not always easy to feel brave inside. The dark woods were full of animals and Indians, too, and Sarah was only eight! The true story of Sarah’s journey is inspiring. And as she cares for her father and befriends her Indian neighbors, she learns that to be afraid and to be brave is the greatest courage of all.

The Light at Tern Rock Ronnie and his aunt are tending the Tern Rock lighthouse for two December weeks while its keeper takes a much-needed vacation. Ronnie learns to love the slap of the waves against the Rock, sleeping in a bunk, climbing the winding staircase, and lighting the great lamp each night, and he looks forward to telling his family about it Christmas. But the days go by, and the lighthouse keeper doesn’t return to take them home.

The Corn Grows Ripe  When Tigre’s father is badly injured in an accident, the family is thrown into turmoil. Who will plant and harvest the corn that they need to survive—and to please the Mayan gods? The neighbors have fields of their own to tend, and Tigre’s mother and grandmother cannot do it on their own. Twelve-year-old Tigre has never done a man’s work before. Can he shoulder the burden on his own, and take his father’s place?  

《收获的季节》 十二岁本应是尽情玩耍的年纪,提格尔却孤身承担起家庭的重担——爸爸受伤,妈妈要照顾刚出生的弟弟,妹妹和奶奶不能下地劳作。于是,这个稚嫩的小男孩扛起锄头,开垦,烧地,种田……辛苦的劳动强健了他的体格,也锻炼了他的意志。更为重要的是,他深刻体会到人与土地的紧密联系,也开始懂得传承的意义,以及如何在传统和创新之间取舍。

Book Titles:
The Courage of Sarah Noble  莎拉的勇气
The Light at Tern Rock 灯塔上的光
The Corn Grows Ripe 收获的季节

By Roald Dahl, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin, 92-145 pages/book, 8.25"x7.1"
Item: Award Winning Chapter Books
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