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Hoot; Flush; Scat; Chomp; Squirm (5 Books) BSY716


Take a trip to Carl Hiaasen's Florida—where the animals are wild and the people are wilder—with this collectible box set that includes the bestsellers Hoot, Flush, Scat, Chomp, and Squirm!
Hoot: Everybody loves Mother Paula's pancakes. Everybody, that is, except the cute but endangered owls that live on the building site of the new restaurant. Can the awkward new kid and his feral friend prank the pancake people out of town? Or is the owls' fate cemented in pancake batter?
Flush: The Coral Queen casino boat is treating the ocean like a toilet bowl, so Noah's dad decides to sink the darn thing. Problem is, there's no evidence of illegal dumping. Now Dad's in the clink, the boat's back in business, and only Noah can flush the truth out into the open.
Scat: The most terrifying teacher in school is missing in the Everglades, and it's up to Nick and Marta to find her. But first they'll have to reckon with a junior arsonist, a wannabe Texas oilman, and a ticked-off Florida panther. It's all about to hit the fan, and when it does, these kids better scat.
Chomp: When Wahoo Cray's dad--a professional animal wrangler--takes a job with a reality-TV survival show, Wahoo figures he'll have to do a bit of wrangling himself to keep his father from killing the show's inept and egotistical star. But the job keeps getting more complicated--and it isn't just the animals who are ready to chomp.
Squirm: This summer, Billy will fly across the country, hike a mountain, float a river, dodge a grizzly bear, shoot down a spy drone, save a neighbor's cat, save an endangered panther, and then try to save his own father.


◆ 融合环保、神秘、冒险和100%幽默搞笑!被翻译成34种语言出版发行,被改编成电影《我爱猫头鹰》,这部环保冒险小说风靡全球!

◆ 错综复杂的阴谋,搞怪离奇的人物,层出不穷的笑料,5个幽默离奇的冒险故事,5场神奇刺激的环保之旅!

◆ 故事中的孩子们成了野生动物的守护者,对大自然充满触人心弦的热爱,能够激发小读者对自然的热爱与向往。他们保护自然的勇敢与坚持,也能让小读者面对挫折时更有勇气和信心。

◆ 是冒险故事,更是自然生态小百科!

Book Titles:
Hoot 拯救猫头鹰
Flush 智斗海洋杀手
Scat 黑豹寻踪
Chomp 荒野大求生
Squirm 盗猎终结者

By Carl Hiaasen, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 239-356 ages/book, 8.3"x5.7"
Item: Hoot; Flush; Scat; Chomp; Squirm (5 Books)
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