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Cat Kid Comic Club BSY723


Naomi, Melvin, Pedro, and Poppy are just a few of the twenty-one rambunctious, funny, and talented baby frogs who share their stories in the Cat Kid Comic Club. Can Li'l Petey, Molly, and Flippy help the students express themselves through comics? The adventures in class and on paper unwind with mishaps and hilarity as the creative baby frogs experience the mistakes and progress that come with practice and persistence.

"Squid Kid and Katydid," "Baby Frog Squad," "Monster Cheese Sandwich," "Birds Flowers Trees: A Haiku Photo Comic," and other mini-comics are featured as stories-within-the-story, each done in a different style, utilizing humor and drama, prose and poetry, illustrated in different media including acrylics, pastels, colored pencils, felt-tip markers, clay, hand-made cardboard sculptures, photographs, pipe cleaners, construction paper collages, and cookies.

This heartfelt, humorous, and thoughtful graphic novel by award-winning author and artist Dav Pilkey will have readers of all ages laughing and motivated to unleash their own creativity.

凯迪克大奖得主“神探狗狗”的缔造者戴夫?皮尔奇 教你一口气轻松掌握漫画创作与表达!
看《神探狗狗》不过瘾?猫小子教你亲手画! 幽默漫画创意写作课 脑洞大开 效果绝佳! 有趣有料的俱乐部日常, 0基础故事创作指南, 1秒get的绘画技巧, 近10种创作媒材呈现】 戴夫·皮尔奇携全新系列图像小说“猫小子”来啦!“神探狗狗”里的小猫彼蒂、茉莉、翻翻创办漫画俱乐部,向21只性格迥异的小青蛙介绍故事创作方法,呈现不同风格、媒材的迷你漫画。全年龄参与者都将心动,提笔创作属于自己的漫画!在这部充满欢乐的图像小说中,漫画艺术家戴夫·皮尔奇使用各种艺术风格来描绘小青蛙们独一无二的故事

Book Titles:
Cat Kid Comic Club 猫小子漫画俱乐部
Perspectives 透视小课堂

By Dav Pilkey, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 169-217 pages/book, 8.3"x5.5"
Item: Cat Kid Comic Club
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