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All About Tea MCC095


Drinking tea has developed into a form of art in Chinese culture. in this album, the composer makes the best use of different characteristics of musical instruments, including Paixiao (blowed instrument), Gao-Hu (bowed instrument), Gu-Zheng (plucked instrument), Pi-Pa (plucked instrument), alto Sheng (blowed instrument), etc., and combined peculiarities of local music to describe different tastes of tea and views in different regions. While listening to the music, the listener could make a mental travel to the tea plantation, as if he had enjoyed the unique flavor of different tea. This collection of 8 traditional Chinese music provides great enjoyment while sipping tea or relaxing. Songs played with different traditional instruments.

1. Long-Jing Tea, in Xihu (The West Lake) 从来佳茗似佳人ˇ西湖龙井
2. Phoenix-daffodil Tea, in Guang Dong 清香满山月ˇ广东凤凰水仙
3. Milk Tea, in Mongolia 香泉一合乳ˇ蒙古奶茶
4. Butter Tea, in Tibet 寒夜客来茶当酒ˇ西藏酥油茶
5. Bi-luo-chun Tea, in Dong Ting 芳气满闲轩ˇ洞庭碧螺春
6. Dong Ting Tea, in Tai Wan 疏香皓齿有余味ˇ台湾冻顶
7. Spring Tea, in Fu Jian 茶烟轻扬落花风ˇ福建春茶
8. Gong-fu Black Tea, in teh Southern Fu Jian 临风一啜心自如ˇ闽南功夫茶

CD, 8 Tracks
Item: All About Tea
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