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Chasing Dream MCC109


Perfectly combining classic and fasion, Li Yugang is widely known as a national artist in China, and compared to Mei Lanfang, the most famous Chinese opera performer in last century. His astonishing performance that purely blends both male and female sound together, and his first-ever attempt to mix Chinese opera with R&B, blues and other genres, must give you great shock as well as enjoyment when you listen to this particular CD. Enjoy the new charm of old Chinese art! You shall get a totally different experience!


Song Included:
01 Chasing Dreams 逐梦令
02 As Time Goes By 似水流年
03 Beauty 美人
04 Dream Back to the Spring and Autumn Period 梦回春秋
05The Dropping Ink 落墨
06 Song of Silk Washing 浣纱曲
07 Come and Go 归去来兮
08 Goes Beyond Border Song 出塞曲
09 Moonlight 月光
10 Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers 霓裳羽衣曲

By Yugang Li, In Mandarin Chinese, 10 Tracks and 1 Booklet
Item: Chasing Dream
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