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Richie Old Place MCT101


Richie Ren, renowned Taiwanese singer/actor offers us his follow up CD to So Far So Close. This 10-track CD includes his duet with Miriam Yeung for the new movie 2 Become 1. Richie and Miriam star in this movie, which was released in March of 2006, and follows the personal journey of a woman fighting breast cancer. To hear a sample clip, click here if you use Internet Explorer. Click here if you use Firefox.


  1. Xi Mi
  2. Yue Ding Lan Tian
  3. Lao Di Fang
  4. Hao Shi Dai
  5. Ai Shang Le
  6. Wai Po Qiao
  7. Tian Sheng Zhu Ding
  8. Qiu Tian Lai Le
  9. Wo Jiu Zai Ni Shen Bian
  10. Xiang Fei

CD, Mandarin, 10 Tracks
Item: Richie Old Place
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