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Folk Songs of China - Embroidery MFM084

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Enjoy this beautiful CD collection of 14 popular folk songs from Yunnan province. Each selection illustrates the beauty of Yunnan known for its stunning landscapes, colorful minorities and intriguing culture. Titles are listed in both English and Chinese.

  1. Horse Bell is Ringing and Pretty Birds are Singing
  2. Our Emotion is Deep and Friendship Lasts Long
  3. The Sweet-Scented Osmanthus is Blossoming Out with Happiness
  4. We Swear for Our Scacred Marriage
  5. The River is Flowing Smoothly
  6. The Miao Hills and Ridges are Connected Closely with Beijing
  7. Please Stay My Guest from Afar
  8. Every Flower is Fresh and Shining
  9. The Long Lake Water is Clear and Cool
  10. You Can Even Smell the Fragrance of the Michelia Alba within the Li Distance
  11. There is a Beautiful Place
  12. The Melodic Singing are Always Heard Around the Verdand Hills
  13. The Hedge Bamboo in Moonlight
  14. Sewing the Purse

CD, 14 Tracks
Item: Folk Songs of China - Embroidery
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