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Happy Chinese New Year! MFM102


Happy Chinese New Year! This album is specifically designed for the Chinese New Year of 2012, including 13 songs performed by the popular singers from mainland China and Hongkong, in Mandarin or Cantonese. The CD is engilded with 24K gold, and one booklet of lyrics in Simplified Chinese characters is also included.

Songs Included:
01 Happy New Year! 拜新年
02 Wealthy Every Year 财源滚滚来
03 Happy Together 大家旺旺
04 Congratualtions! 齐声恭喜你
05 God of Wealth At My Door 财神来到我家门
06 Happy New Year! 快乐新年
07 Everything Goes Well 好事喜事永相伴
08 The Moon Over the Lotus Pool 荷塘月色
09 Good Luck In the Year祝你今年好运气
10 Love 有情人终成眷属
11 Lucky 吉祥如意
12 God of Wealth 财神到
13 Happiness in Selent Night 幸福

1 CD, 13 Songs, 1 Booklet of Lyrics included, Box Size: 6"x6.75"
Item: Happy Chinese New Year!
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