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Chinese-English Multimedia Dictionary S023


This multimedia dictionary enables you to listen, speak, read, and write Chinese through 3D scenes, games, and other interactive media. A word-by-word search function provides one of the fastest ways for you to learn Chinese. Includes over 30,000 basic and important daily life phrases. An animated writing system demonstrates how to write over 1,000 traditional Chinese characters, stroke-by-stroke, and word puzzles stimulate your interest in Chinese characters. A "Record and Print" feature allows you to record your own voice and print out character cards. Also include are maps and a time-line with detailed descriptions about Chinese culture, history, and civilization. (English and Mandarin bilingual explanations are provided.) Both traditional and simplified characters as well as Pinyin/Zhuyin charts are included.

System Requirement: PC, 486 or Higher, 8MB Ram, Windows 95 or Windows 3.1
Item: Chinese-English Multimedia Dictionary
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