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Mandarin Chinese by Phonic Symbols S027

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Finally, here's a super new way to learn and practice the 4 tones needed to speak accurate Mandarin Chinese! This program was developed primarily to help children and young adults learn proper Mandarin Chinese pronunciation while having fun with the latest technology, but adults will enjoy it too! This program is also designed for anyone who has previously learned Chinese through either the English or Han-Yu pronunciation method with unsatisfactory results. Equivalent letters in Han-Yu and English are included for user flexibility and reference, and a great circular comparison chart is printed on the cover for easy access. The advisor for this program was Mrs. Alice Wang Lee, a former Chinese language professor at several universities in the U.S. This is just one of her list of myriad projects directed towards making the Chinese language more interesting and easier to learn. (Please note: The Mandarin Chinese by Phonic Symbols are in Zhu Yin and Traditional characters. They use both mandarin and english to conduct the lesson.)

System Requirement: IBM or 100% PC compatible 486DX or faster, 4MB RAM (8MB RAM Recommended), Window 3.1, MS/DOS 3.3 or higher, Super VGA (640 x 480, 256 colors), Sound Blaster or 100% compatible Sound Card, Mouse, Double-Speed CD ROM.
Item: Mandarin Chinese by Phonic Symbols
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