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Language Learning Series System: Chinese SLC006


With this CD-Rom, you will not only learn to speak Chinese, but you will also learn the skills necessary to pave your way to fluency. The system is made up of two programs on two CD-Rom disks: Language Learning Beginner and Language Learning Everyday. Language Learning Beginner was engineered for the effortless absorption of language fundamentals, focusing on sounds, tones, phonics, alphabets and the basic vocabulary used in everyday conversations. It builds your knowledge of the fundamentals through lessons that gradually increase in difficulty. Before you know it, you are speaking Chinese! Language Learning Everyday, the second part of the series, is intended to provide you with maximum exposure to the Chinese language. It allows for full immersion and increases your working vocabulary by presenting in a wide range of conversational situations. Unlike Language Learning Beginner, you are encouraged to select the lessons that best suit your needs. It's as simple as point, click, and listen! What are you waiting for?

For MS Windows: A multimedia PC running Windows 95, 98, ME, or NT version 4.0, Windows 2000 or later; 16 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended). For the Macintosh: A Power Machintosh running System 7.5 or later.
Item: Language Learning Series System: Chinese
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