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Type and Learn Chinese SLC007


Whether you are a native speaker or a second language learner, Type & Learn - Chinese CD-Rom is a breeze to learn and simple to use. This practical, step-by-step self-paced training course is a complete study guide for anyone who wants to learn either simplified or traditional Chinese writing. Type & Learn Chinese allows you to learn languages step-by-step while typing. Familiar-looking menu-bar and toolbar let you type in the language instantly. Provides multiple input options, allowing you to type in any language quickly and easily. Sizable soft keyboard works together with the hard keyboard. Text-to-talk technology lets you learn to speak while typing. Utilizes the Unicode Standard for world-wide, platform-independent compatibility for your documents. Provides a Character Map function to view Unicode fonts and to input text. Works with your favorite applications: you can easily cut and paste text into MS Office 2000 and MS Office 97.

System Requirement: Windows NT, MS Office 2000 and MS Office 97
Item: Type and Learn Chinese
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