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Speech Plus SLC046


"Speech Plus " equips with the most advanced speech synthesis technology. Text to Speech (TTS), or speech synthesis technology, is an advanced hi-tech technology in the information processing field. Its main task is to convert text into intelligible voices, in other words, let machines talk like human beings. Speech synthesis is the key technology in realising human-machine speech communication, and establishing automatic dialogue systems. It's a particularly interdisciplinary field, involving acoustics, linguistics, computer science and signal processing.
"Speech Plus", which combines the most advanced technology and ten year long experience in Chinese software development, is the only Chinese Voice Synthesis software which has accurate pronunciationa, proper stops, and large vocabulary library. Adjustable reading speed and style, together with the custom library, provide you the multiple features which help you learn Chinese well.

CD-ROM, System Requirements: Windows2000/XP.
Item: Speech Plus
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